NHS-WIG and Prescription Wig

Wigs and Toupees suitable for NHS Patients can be listed as either;

1) Stock or Ready Made - We would suggest wigs either in Monofilament, Delux or Comfort base type, as these base types are the best to wear for sensitive skin, they are also lower density making them very natural.
You will find that human hair options are cooler to wear than fibre.
You can see and try the style and colour, as they are made to a set range of colours and styles.

For Stock or Ready made we would recomend Directwigs as they are one of the leading mail order companies, and can use a NHS Prescription, which a lot of companies can not.

2) Custom or Made to Order - While you can have what ever you wish made to order, as it takes 9-12 weeks to have this type of wig made, the delay may be a problem for some patients.
You can of course have the base made to measure, what ever colour or mix of colours, density, length and style that you want.
They do not come pre styled, but will cutting on fitting, so you can not try styles before making.

We would recomend Dr M Ross PhD at Perhair as he also offers very high quality Human Hair Wigs, toupees and pieces for delivery with in 3-7 days as well as offering the full custom made service.



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